DIY Survival Tuna Oil Lamp

DIY Survival How to Make a Tuna Oil Lamp

Being able to DIY your way to survival is a very handy skill to have. Below is some great instructions on how to make your own lamp from a can of tuna in oil. This is great for lighting and plenty of other emergency and survival situations.

These great tips were gather from Survival Life and the kingofrandom websites.





You will need:

  • a can of tuna in vegetable oil
  • paper towel or cotton string
  • matches or any firestarter
  • garden scissors or hammer and nail

1. Put a hole in the middle of the tuna can’s lid using the nail and hammer, scissors or any tool that can do the job.

2. Cut a small portion of paper and roll it into the shape of a wick. If you have a piece of string, well and good.

3. Insert the paper/string into the hole, making sure it reaches the bottom of the can.

4. Use any firestarter to light up the wick. Now you have a candle for illumination and warmth. You may also use it to cook some food; and yes you can eat the tuna later. The oil in tuna can last for two to three hours.



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